Talya Ginsberg

07 Mar: How green is green

According to The Independent, Britons can expect to save £630 (approximately R14,490) a year using solar panels, equivalent to around 210 cups of coffee in London. That’s a considerable saving in a country renowned for having little sun!

25 Jan: Reunert

In 1888, Johannesburg was a gold rush boomtown, buzzing with raw energy and the promise of fortune. It was here that Theodore Reunert and Otto Lenz, two men with a vision for progress, founded Reunert & Lenz.

15 Jan: Mr Price

Mr Price is top of mind for South Africans when it comes to retail, with the company’s ubiquitous stores known for affordable apparel, home, and sporting goods.

09 Jan: Economic Food for thought

In December of last year, Janet Yellen, the current Secretary of the Treasury, and former Chair of the Federal Reserve, claimed in a CNN interview that the US had achieved a soft landing—a scenario many economists thought unlikely.

08 Jan: ESG Apparel

Let’s dive into the latest verifiable figures. Some sources estimate that as of 2024, the apparel industry is worth a staggering USD$1.53 trillion (c.28.98 trillion).

19 Oct: Hudaco

When considering investment opportunities on the JSE, Hudaco might be easily overlooked at first. It may appear to be a modest engineering company, and given South Africa’s ongoing deindustrialisation, one might be inclined to dismiss this sector. However, that would be a misjudgement.

12 Oct: AdvTECH

ADvTECH stands as one of the foremost private education providers in Africa, and it exerts a significant influence on the African
recruitment landscape. The company’s multifaceted business model positions it favourably to capitalize on the burgeoning African education and recruitment sectors.

26 Jun: Spar

In late 2022, the Spar Group was trading at an un-demanding valuation having suffered a 20% decline in the share price for the year, a Price-to-Earnings (PE) ratio at a 24% discount to its 10-year average, and the Price-to-Book (PB) ratio was at a 40% discount.