Nomtha Ngumbela

28 Feb: Argent

The Argent Group describes its operations as a collection of investments within the manufacturing and commodity trading industries, with operations spread across South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

18 Jan: Ninety One

The company is a global active investment manager offering a broad range of strategies to its regionally diverse client base. Since its first institutional mandate in 1994, Ninety-One has grown its assets under management (AUM) to approximately R2.83 trillion, managed by a team of 251 investment professionals.

08 Oct: ABSA

During the last quarter, the Absa Group released its interim financial results for the period ending on June 30, 2023. In this update, we found that Absa’s performance was under scrutiny when compared to their four peers.

12 Jun: Vodacom

The Vodacom brand is no stranger in South Africa or Africa as a whole, servicing over 500 million customers and holding a market-leading position in six countries, including Tanzania, Lesotho, Egypt, and South Africa.

02 May: ABSA

Despite a slew of difficulties and multiple changes, the Group has emerged with the intention of restoring earnings and returns profile back to its former glory, and a performance that signals to Umthombo Wealth that this could well be possible.

20 Feb: Woolworths ESG : Just Wage Initiative

The South African minimum wage is a hotly debated topic given that many are of the view that the amount does not represent a figure that any South African can be expected to survive off of as it does not provide the adequate social security a wage should.

22 Oct: Capitec Holdings

In February of 2002, the Capitec share price closed at a price of R1.17. A mere twenty years later, the same company ended August of 2022 at a trading price of R2043.55. A tremendous, mostly upward, trajectory for a company which exhibited a growth path few believed was truly possible.

15 Jun: Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA

The volatility in the share price gave us a good opportunity to build a position in the company, as Umthombo believes that Richemont offers a distinctive and sustainable investment case given its solid financial position and consistent ability to generate free cash flows.